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I started my keto journey more than a year ago when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. I’ll delve into that more later. After I got back on keto around September after her birth (took a few months hiatus during my recovery), I was slowly losing the baby weight. That was until November. From November to March of this year I yo-yo’d up and down 2lbs from 165. I hit a stall and couldn’t break it. That was until Elevate Smart Coffee.

As cliché of a statement this is, this product is life changing!

Being a wife is tough. Being a mom is tough. True statements. Yes, starting keto gave me energy, and most days I wasn’t dragging ass from carbs, but having a toddler and a baby, it’s exhausting. Insert Elevate.

What is it?
Smart coffee is an instant coffee mix that has norotropics that stimulate neurotransmitters to release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins so it helps enhance your mood and focus. It also has fat burners and boosts your metabolism while curbing cravings. It provides sustainable energy without the crash. It literally works with your own bodies natural abilities to produce the good hormones we need to be our best selves. This is why it is also referred to as “happy coffee” or “bliss coffee.”

I started the coffee in mid-February. By March 1st I had already lost 3 pounds and by the end of March I had lost TEN FREAKING POUNDS! All I changed was adding the coffee (and XanthoMax which you can read about below)! It finally helped break my stall and get into the 150s.

Yeah, the weight-loss was AMAZING, but let me tell you… My anxiety lessened, it improved my mood, which in turn made me a better mom and wife, and it makes me feel like I can conquer Mt Everest! The energy I finally have, priceless. I can keep up with my kids and not feel the need to nap with them. I can complete chores in record time. Life is GREAT!

Pair the coffee with Xanthomax and you have what they call DOSE. Xanthomax is an encapsulated dietary supplement designed to deliver Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant. It’s one pill that helps aid and enhance the effects of the coffee.

The company has also come out with a hot chocolate mix for those sensitive to caffeine or who don’t like the taste of coffee. It’s great for curbing your sweet tooth and I enjoy it regularly before bed to help me sleep better. In addition, they recently released KetoCrè, a creamer powder formulated to not break a fast! That’s huge for my keto-peeps!

Anyway, you can reach out to me for more information about the product. I sell samples, or you can buy directly from my site:

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