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One thing I would recommend to anyone who is doing keto is a Keto-Mojo!

This is the best device to use to ensure you’re in ketosis. It’s a blood glucose AND blood ketone meter similar to what diabetics use. Prick your finger, put some blood on the test strips, and have your reading in about 10 seconds.

You’ll read or hear a lot from people following a ketogenic diet about urine strips. Yes, they’re affordable, but they’re also EXTREMELY inaccurate. Pretty much after the first 2 weeks on keto they won’t give you a true representation of your ketones. This is because the urine strips measure the amount of ketones you’re excreting. Once your body has transitioned to efficiently using ketones for energy, it won’t be leaving much extra to be exreted, therefore the urine strips won’t be accurate.

Blood testing is the most accurate. This monitor is great because not only can you check your ketone levels to make sure you’re in ketosis, you can check your blood glucose to see if something has caused a spike and is the cause of kicking you from ketosis or a stall.

With this meter, you are in ketosis at .5 mmol. Ideally you want to be between 1.5-3.0 for optimal ketosis. I recommend taking your reading first thing in the morning as it gives you a baseline for the day and will typically be your lowest reading. Right before your evening meal, they will likely be their highest. Also note that your ketone readings could be affected by things you ate up to a day prior. That’s where the blood glucose comes in handy since it has a much faster response time.

Again, you want to take your blood glucose reading first thing in the morning in a fasted state. Think of it like taking your resting heart rate. This will give you a baseline for what your normal blood sugar is (though it’s good to track for a few days to get an average). To check to see if a specific food or beverage spikes your blood, measure before eating, then at 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. If your level goes up by 20+ pts or over 140mg, that is considered a spike and would likely kick you out of ketosis. By 2 hours after consuming, your levels should return to normal range. Additionally, make sure your levels aren’t dropping hours later as this could be an indication of “reactive hypoglycemia.” If you were to eat something really sugary that causes a big spike in your blood glucose, you will have a large amount of insulin secretion to compensate. That big dump of insulin would then drive your blood sugar down low several hours after that meal.

One of my ketone readings first thing in the morning.

So, if tracking your blood glucose is something that is important (which I alone love for testing new foods), and if you are anal about enduring you’re in ketosis, this meter is for you. It has the cheapest ketone strips on the market at $0.99/strip (and that’s a for-life price if you order their founding member kit).

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