My keto journey

Its been more than a year since I started keto. I was 6 months into my pregnancy with my daughter and had been seeing my friend Cristy’s posts about it. She has had her own health battles and keto kept seeming to resolve them so I knew there had to be more to it than just food. I joined her Facebook group Sofa King Keto and began my research.

First off, keto is really fucking intimidating. It seems way more complicated than it is or has to be. Of course, like most things, the longer you do it the easier it gets and becomes second nature. But that takes TIME and I am a very impatient person. No joke, my family calls me Instant Gratification Kristina. I wanted to know how to do keto, how to do it right, and learn the “rules” fast. With some gracious hand holding, I got it mostly figured out (I’ll make a separate intro-to-keto post with some basic how-to’s and where to start) and was on my merry way. I was doing fantastic and even had my husband on board. Let’s be honest, he had no choice since I am the only cook in the house. That was until about 3 weeks before my due date. I decided to jump off the deep-end and enjoy the last bit of “free-for-all because I can blame it on being pregnant” food binge. For the record- the 2.5 months I was on keto, I felt the best I had during my pregnancy. It helped the fatigue immensely and I wish I would have done it from the start. *Fun fact- babies are born already in a state of ketosis*

Hey, I had a baby! Well, another one that is! It was my second c-section so I knew that I would be in no shape to cook, and I wasn’t about to be the bitch who is picky about people bringing her free food. Pretty sure once I fell off the wagon, it went up in flames. I had my daughter mid-July and didn’t actually get back on keto until October. I weighed in at 174.5. I was able to lose ten pounds in one month, and then I stalled out. I was stuck at 165 +/- 2lb from November until March. In February I started exercising again 7 days a week and in March I also switched from lazy keto to strict keto (I’ll explain these later). I know that my Elevate Smart Coffee, which you can read about here was what really broke my stall and got the scale moving, not to mention how much better I was feeling.

There really is so much to learn about keto and all the various facets it has. The science behind it, the ways to do it, the long-term effects. I’m still learning every day and am by no means an expert and hell, I may even say some shit that is way off-base, in which case, please comment and help inform me better!

What makes me so excited about keto aside from how it makes me feel, my weight loss, or knowing I’m not pumping my body full of processed chemicals, is how I’ve set an example for others. I have friends and family asking for more information or just diving in because they see how much better eating whole foods is versus counting calories and the minutes until you get to eat again. I finally convinced my sister to do it last year and she has lost 40lbs since November (She’s way more knowledgeable about the science and fine tunings of keto). My husband has lost 30lbs since starting keto, and I just hit my 35lb mark. Not too shabby considering I’m eating immense amounts of butter, bacon, and cheese.

If you’re on the fence, in the words of Nike: Just do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Keep Calm|Keto On

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