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Nekstella aka chocolate crack

I’m not sure about you, but holy shit do I love me some Nutella. Well, I did. I was so sad I had to give it up when starting keto. But I’m pretty sure the angel’s heard my cries, heaven heard my pleas, and that is how Nekstella was created.

WARNING: this shit is ADDICTING. I won’t name names, but a few of my friends have eaten entire jars in one sitting. I mean, there could be worse things, right?

I’m telling you, it gets the best of you and the spoon grows a mind of its own. Before you know it, you’re in as deep as a night binge-watching 5 seasons of Game of Thrones.

Seriously, keto gods made one of the best can’t-live-without sweet treats that won’t kill your macros. At 4 net carbs per 2 Tbsp, it’s sugar-free, palm-oil free, and full of baby laughs. Literally, happiness in a jar.

There is a crunchy version with little bits of hazelnuts (my preferred choice for spoon eating). A creamy version that is great for spreading on things like coconut wraps or your fingers. And a squeeze version that I suppose you could put on Halo Top ice cream, or directly in your mouth.

I recommend all of them because you can never have too many. They’re kinda like Pringles, once you pop the top you can’t stop. Just ask someone in your house to hide it from you in-between servings.

Buy it directly from their website:
Or on Amazon: Amazon Nekstella

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