Long Simmer Beef Bone Broth

Today I threw a batch of homemade beef bone broth together. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on grass-fed bones, but I did use organic vegetables so I’ll call it balance. Next time I will make a greater effort to source better bones.

Why homemade? It’s so much cheaper to make your own broth. Throw it together in an hour and you’re set for the week! Plus you know exactly how it was made and what is in it. Homemade bone broth is so much more flavorful in my personal opinion. Plus you can customize it to your taste and likings. I always have a sense of accomplishment when it’s all done too.

Repeat after me: ALWAYS roast your bones first! This is a key step in ensuring your broth is rich and flavorful! You want them nice and caramelized. A good brown color.

Since it’s recommended to long simmer beef bone broth for 48 hours, I used my instant pot. I used a recipe recommended by Amy Smith with UCanKeto. You can find the recipe here.

I added some celery ribs and thyme leaves as well, along with parsley which was done in the last hour as it adds healthy mineral ions to the broth.

It really is that simple. Don’t let it intimidate you. It will be so worth it when you have your first mug!

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