80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession is my newest Beachbody program addiction. For the record, I am NOT a Beachbody coach. To be honest, they probably wouldn’t let me be because I do keto. Autumn has made it VERY clear she does not support keto unless medically necessary. I don’t know about you, but being fat and miserable seems medically necessary enough to me. Oh well, it doesn’t change my take on the program itself and the results it yields.

Full disclosure: as I am writing this, I have only completed 55 of 80 days of my first go at it. I already plan to start another round once this one ends though because I love it that much. I will update this post once I’ve completed the whole program to update my review in entirety.

So, 80 Day Obsession. It’s exactly what the title says: 80 days. The program is divided into three “phases” lasting 24 days each and ending with a “peak week.” Unlike 21DF, you do a different workout every day, sort of. Each phase has a set of exercise that you repeat in the same order, but every time you do them, the sets/reps change which is where the variety comes in to play. The separate phases are comprised of different exercises though, except Cardio Flow which only varies in sets/reps between phases. Cardio also only changes routines between phases while the sets/reps remain the same. The difficulty increases as you enter each phase, but as with 21DF, you have a modifier (thank God for you, Carrie) for the workouts that can be modified.

Again, they based this program heavily on their “timed nutrition” program involving the colored containers. I can’t give you much insight to what it entails as I didn’t/don’t follow it since I do keto. I do recall them talking about refeed days during the program though. You will have to do your own research if that is something you also want to follow with the program.

There are 6 days of workouts and 1 rest day with this program. Each video ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The order in which you do the workouts changes between phases as well. You have Booty day, AAA (arms, abs, and ass), Legs, Cardio Flow (my arch nemesis), Cardio Core, and Total Body Core. Booty is exactly as it sounds, moves focused on your ass. This was my favorite video through all 3 phases. AAA is a combination of moves that work exactly what it says, your arms, abs, and ass. Legs again focuses on just that, so you can imagine the variety of lunges and squats. Cardio Flow is the one workout I could never come around to. It is a compounding workout where you start with one move and build upon it repeating them all until you reach the full set of moves. Cardio Core is a combo of rounds consisting of a low impact and HIIT move followed by a core move. Lastly, Total Body Core works it all.

As far as equipment goes, you need a pretty rounded set of dumbbells for this program. I use 5lb up to 25lb but would love it if I had up to 40lb since some of the moves require only one weight. You will also need a set or two of resistance loops, and floor sliders. I purchased both of those off Amazon for cheap. Luckily, I already had a mat I was able to use because it’s extremely necessary!

Before starting this program, I HIGHLY recommend getting in a couple rounds of 21 Day Fix first. I also did a week of “A Little Obsessed” which gives you a modified look at what you’re in for with the full program. There is also a pre-designed workup called “Path to Progress” that is a suggestion of programs to do leading up to 80 Day Obsession. It entails: The Master’s Hammer & Chisel – only follow the Chisel Calendar, then you complete 21 Day Fix Extreme, then you do 3 weeks of A Little Obsessed.

I have to say, I absolutely ADORE Autumn in this program, along with the entire cast. The workouts were filmed in real time so there are jokes, improv, laughter etc. that makes it just feel so real. Autumn also does like 98% of all the workouts with you, which definitely makes you feel good. You get to see her struggle at times and have to modify or lessen her weights. It’s just not as scripted and her motivational phrases actually help more often than not. There is no music in the background though which took getting used to, but with all the talking I don’t even notice it. And since there is no clock or timer, you have to pay attention to her cues so the lack of music actually helps in that aspect. There are recommended Spotify playlists though if you want the music factor and it would be easy to play in the background yourself.

Prepare yourself. The workouts are not easy. Even with modifications I struggle and not everything has a modification. Sometimes I have to pause it to catch my breath or walk around for a bit. Sometimes I don’t finish all the reps or have to modify them even more than they are. Sometimes I have to skip a move entirely because it hurts my wrists or knees too much. It’s important to know your limits. But I do what I have to in order to push through and keep going. I ALWAYS finish my video. Some will always be better than none.

Just a little sweaty after day 51

I can say that even though I’m not all the way done, I have come a LONG way and my progress is extremely noticeable- not just physical, but mental. I can push myself more than before. I can do more reps, I can use heavier weights or not modify a move. I can do REAL push-ups, and I look forward to working out majority of the time (we all have our days). I typically burn about 400 calories each workout as well. The videos are longer than 21DF, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, so you’ll have to figure out how to work them into your schedule. I am still able to squeeze them in during my daughter’s first nap time. Typically my son sits on the couch with his iPad and a snack, plays in his playroom or the backyard, or does a craft of some sort to keep him occupied. That’s not to say I haven’t had my share of workouts where I had to pause for several minutes to get him situated or go put my daughter back down. But I always go right back to it and pick up right where I left off. Don’t ever give up or let it be an excuse to skip your workout! Life happens, don’t let it deter you. One thing Autumn says that has always stuck with me is “you only cheat yourself.” It’s so true. No one will know if I don’t workout. It won’t change how my husband sees me or supports me. I’m the only one that loses out by pushing back my progress or not pushing through a workout.

This program is only available through Beachbody’s On Demand service since it’s comprised of so many videos. I pay $99 for a year, which is pretty damn cheap considering the cost of a typical gym membership. Not to mention I don’t have to leave my house or put pants on.

If you have any questions about the program or specifics, please reach out! I would love to help you, especially if you are trying to do the program keto style. Make sure to let me know if you’re starting it yourself so I can follow your progress and transformation.

5 thoughts on “80 Day Obsession”

  1. Hi there. I did 80 day obsession when it came out and loved it. I only made it to day 55. Ugh. I used the containers didn’t lose weight but felt amazing. But beat myself up for not finishing it and haven’t been able to recommit. I started Keto in September and have been wanting to get back with 80 DO. But unsure how to eat Keto with this workout program. I know when doing it to a T, I was always hungry right after the workouts. I’d love some insight on how to eat Keto with these intense workouts. Thanks.


    1. Hi Christi!

      Fist off, great job making it to day 55! It’s a tough program and definitely takes dedication.

      As far as doing Keto, my biggest word of advice is disregard the containers and eating plan they have while doing it!

      I had immense success doing keto like I regularly do in my daily life and also added in some intermittent fasting. I ate when I was hungry and listened to my body. Just focus on eating keto foods. As far as macro counts, just ensure you’re meeting your protein macros since you are exerting so much energy from your muscles.

      Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help.



  2. I see you mentioned that you also did IF while doing this program. Did you workout while fasting or wait until your first meal ? How many hours did you fast? Right now I like to exercise in the morning and then eat around 12 but im not sure thats a good idea doing such a hard routine. Any thoughts? Could you give me a sample keto / 80 obsession day you would follow.


  3. I see you mentioned that you also did IF while doing this program. Did you workout while fasting or wait until your first meal ? How many hours did you fast? Right now I like to exercise in the morning and then eat around 12 but im not sure thats a good idea doing such a hard routine. Any thoughts? Could you give me a sample keto / 80 obsession day you would follow.


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