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Stevia Sweet BBQ Sauce

First off, I have to say that the people over at Stevia Sweet are amazing. They truly have some of the best customer service you will experience, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you have any questions.

Finding any keto suitable condiment can be a struggle. Thankfully as keto is gaining popularity, it seems like more and more products are coming out that work for it. Before I discovered Stevia Sweet, I was using G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fucking delicious and tastes almost better than regular BBQ Sauce. Butttttttttt, it has modified cornstarch in it near the beginning of the ingredients, which is a HUGE no on keto. Sure, it fits your macros and if you’re doing dirty or lazy keto I’m sure it will be just fine for you, but I can tell you right now that it is likely to spike your insulin.

There are other sugar free BBQ sauces out there, but I have yet to find a better alternative than this that doesn’t taste like utter fake and processed shit.

I’m happy that I found Stevia Sweet because it tastes great and is much more keto friendly. Full disclosure: it does contain Worcestershire sauce in the ingredients. It didn’t spike my insulin, but definitely test yourself as we all respond differently. I think this is a much better alternative to something that is more along the lines of keto.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the sauce by itself, so I can’t picture myself using it to dip homemade chicken nuggets in, but I did love it once it was cooked. That could just be my personal tastebuds though as I’m sure there are tons out there who love it in entirety how it is. The company also suggests using the sauce as a base and customizing it with your own favorite seasonings to make it more your own. That is exactly what I did when I used it to make BBQ Chicken Thighs. I paired the sauce with Flavor God’s Honey BBQ Seasoning. I grilled the chicken with the seasoning first, then once it was almost cooked I basted it in the Stevia Sweet BBQ Sauce and cooked a little bit longer until the outside had caramelized the flavors a bit. It was so good and even my in-laws loved it and said they would have never thought it wasn’t “real” barbecue sauce.

I’m gonna play around with the sauce a bit more and add some different seasonings to see if I can get it to a dippable flavor I personally care for. But for now, I am going to use it to flavor burger patties, make a barbecue sausage skillet, and more barbecue chicken! I would definitely add this to your keto condiment arsenal, though. You really can’t go wrong.

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