Keto Gummy Bears

A friend posted a recipe for keto gummy bears so I of course had to test it out, for science. These aren’t only for those doing keto, but a great alternative to the processed and sugar laden store bought kinds. I’m excited to switch my son over to these healthier variety.

Now, I made two batches using her recipe, and then I changed it and I’ll explain why.

First off, you’ll need a few basic items. The gummy bear mold, some gelatin, clean food coloring, some flavor oils and stevia drops (for the first recipe), or sugar free flavoring.

Your base recipe that can be used for either method is as follows:
4 Tbsp Gelatin
5 drops food coloring
1 cup boiling water

Now, her recipe calls for flavor oils and 15 drops of liquid stevia. My husband and I found that the oils gave the gummy bears a funny aftertaste. Almost chemical tasting. We did two batches to verify it wasn’t just one flavor. Maybe we did something wrong, but I just wasn’t able to perfect her recipe to our liking so I tweaked it.

We regularly use a drink powder called Everly Hydration. They’re sugar free and a little bit goes a long way. I use about 1/8th of the suggested serving size. These made for the perfect flavoring. They are already sweetened and sugar free with a delicious taste.

To make the gummy bears:
Add the food coloring and oil & stevia OR drink powder mix (start with a half serving and add more to your liking) to a glass bowl. Pour in 1 cup of boiling water. Slowly add in the gelatin and mix until it is all dissolved. This takes time so be patient. Once mixed, take your dropper that came with the molds and start filling them up. It should fill up 4 molds. Once they’re all full, refrigerate for 15 minutes.

That’s it. Super quick and simple. Just pop the bears out of the mold and enjoy. Be prepared for a different texture than your standard chewy gummy bears. They’re more like tiny Jell-O Jigglers, but still delicious. I am already envisioning mixing 1/2 cup vodka with 1/2 cup water for some boozy summer gummy bears!

Give these a try and let me know what you think. If you can master the oil & stevia route, please pass that along as I would love to give them another shot.

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