Product Recommendations

Flavor God seasonings

When I first started doing keto I was shocked to find how many seasonings are full of fillers and unnecessary ingredients. Since when do we need sugar in taco seasoning? Really, go take a gander at the pre-packaged seasoning mixes at your local grocery chain. It’s difficult to find clean foods these days, and those are no exception.

My sister introduced me a couple years ago to Flavor God seasonings. They’re GMO, Preservative, and MSG free. Truly keto friendly! No fillers or artificial shit. They’re flavorful, delicious, and have an extensive variety lineup with rotating seasonal flavors too. Don’t wait to try them for yourself, you can order them here. Make sure to use code “KRISTINAT5DU” for 10% off!

My favorite is the Pizza seasoning. You can mix it with tomato paste for a keto pizza sauce! I use the Honey BBQ with Stevia Sweet BBQ Sauce and make BBQ chicken or Ranch with mayonnaise and sour cream to create my own dressing.

What I also love about this company is that the founder is fully vested in the entire process of creating to shipping the products. I love supporting small businesses, especially those who truly care about their product and not sacrificing quality for quantity. So, if you’re looking for something to help make clean eating easier but not losing out on flavor, give these a try.

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