Body Spec DXA Scan

For Father’s Day I bought my husband a DXA (DEXA) scan through a company called Body Spec. He’s always been incredibly into fitness and has been working hard to get back to his best self. He has lost 90lbs and is back down to 14% body fat, which is absolutely amazing. The DXA scan is a total body composition test and is the most accurate body scan on the market. It gives you a total break down of body fat, lean muscle mass, and bone density showing exactly how your body is proportioned. It also measures the visceral fat (fat surrounding your organs).

I made an appointment to get my own scan scheduled for right after I finished my 80 Day Obsession. The company we went through, Body Spec, offers the scans at an incredibly reasonable price ($45) and frequent as well. The company travels to various local fitness centers in WA, CA, and TX. They set up a van in the parking lot of these fitness locations, which houses the scan machine. You schedule your appointment and prepay on their website, fill out your intake form, and just show up. You lay down on the scanning bed and they center your body, it takes about 6 minutes to do a full scan and you’re done. They print out and email your results right there. Their representative goes over all your results with you and if you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultation with the company over the phone.

All-in-all it’s a fantastic thing to do and cost effective. It helps establish your baseline to keep track of your progress and accurately determine your macronutrient needs for your body. My plan is to do another scan after my next round of 80 Day Obsession (unfortunately I didn’t do one prior) to show my progress. I would definitely recommend checking local companies to see if getting a scan is available to you.

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