Good Days and Bad Days

This has been one hell of a week and a half to say the least. Last weekend we had a wedding to go to, the next day was a birthday party, and then this past Tuesday our daughter turned one! In the midst of our chaotic schedule, my phone also decided to stop functioning on Sunday. On my daughter’s birthday we went out to celebrate with my family for dinner since they were going to be out of town for her party. Seemingly typical routine events that go along with summer and birthdays.

Unfortunately Tuesday evening when we got home from dinner, we noticed our senior husky was struggling to walk and not too interested in her food. This wasn’t a rare occurrence so we weren’t too concerned. By Wednesday morning she was limping around, but eating and drinking fine. As the day went on, she was slowing down more-and-more, wanting to just lay around. She was having a harder time standing up and just seemed incredibly uncomfortable. Before bed, she fell outside and couldn’t come back up the stairs into the house. It was not looking good. Thursday morning she was just laying around with no interest in treats or food. We had my daughter’s one-year well check visit  as well that morning, which she did amazing at. When we arrived back home, our dog had collapsed behind my husband’s chair and you could see in her eyes that she was done. Almost a year ago she had a bout with Pancreatitis and we almost lost her then, but she pulled through. This time was different. She didn’t have any fight left in her, she didn’t have the energy. I rescued her 10 years ago and she was my first husky after being in love with the breed for years. She made those 10 years worth it all. We made the decision to put her down that afternoon. It eased the pain knowing she was ready, knowing it was on her terms, but so incredibly hard nonetheless.

Friday was spent getting ready for the party. Picking up food and supplies. Picking up the custom smash cake. Keeping busy helped keep my mind off the hurt.

Saturday came and it was so busy from the start! I had to wake up early to get my last 80 Day Obsession workout in. Holy shit did it feel good to get it done. To say I completed all 80 Days! I may have shed a tear or two after that last rep. I lost a total of 20lbs, weighing in at 133! I was 153 on Day 1. I still have yet to take my measurements, but I will and put them in my 80 Day Obsession follow up post.

Once I got my last workout out of the way, it was time to party. Setting up for a kids party fucking sucks by the way. It’s so much work for an event they’ll never remember. But we have the photos to prove we did it; that’s what counts, right? My daughter was adorable in her hedgehog shirt I made with matching tutu, which of course was for my pleasure mainly. Her hedgehog smash cake was equally adorable, and homemade hedgehog cupcakes that weren’t a Pinterest fail! I was pretty proud of myself for the whole thing. I was even the grillmaster and kicked ass making those Costco 1/4 burger patties edible and not charred hockey pucks! The weiners were perfectly heated ass well. All-in-all, it was one successful party and everyone enjoyed themselves considering it was 85 degrees outside. We were able to stay keto too with lettuce wrapped burger patties and hot dogs. I may have had some watermelon myself, but used my Keto Mojo and it didn’t kick me out of ketosis!

So, today is Sunday. It’s been a shit show of nearly a week and a half. There was definitely a terrible day in there, but a lot of things to celebrate and be happy about. I even had a cheat meal today! We went to sushi for lunch, which is the one craving that hasn’t subsided on Keto. What’s funny is the last time I cheated was Mother’s Day and it was sushi too. I figured after busting my ass for 80 days, one roll wouldn’t kill me. I didn’t let it ruin the rest of my day and went right back to keto with my next meal. I’ll check my levels in the morning but am optimistic. I also have my BodySpec DXA scan tomorrow and am anxious for the results! You know I will post all about it after I’m done.

So here is to a new week. New days to start fresh. Looking forward to working on my future with each one.

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