Keto Ice Cream

Last week in a Facebook group someone posted a keto ice cream recipe. This week I had a crazy sweet tooth and knew I needed to replicate it. Her recipe is a base recipe you use to then add whatever flavors or components you want. The possibilities are truly endless.

I decided to use my cookie dough fat bomb recipe to make a cookie dough ice cream (my favorite)! I already have plans for strawberry and raspberry. If you’re going to make the cookie dough ice cream, you have to first make the cookie dough and roll it into incredibly small balls. I think we got 120 balls out of the recipe (opposed to making 30). I only used 40 balls added to the ice cream base, though. I also learned that I should probably invest in an ice cream maker. There’s a shit ton available locally for dirt cheap so why not? The reason being that after freezing the ice cream, it turned super frozen solid and kind of icy; it wasn’t “scoopable”. Supposedly an ice cream maker will help fix that issue, or the other option is to add vegetable glycerine to the recipe. Technically it’s not keto because it does contain carbs, but you need such a minimal amount it wouldn’t have much of an impact. I’ll post an update on this once I try either route.

So here is the base recipe:
2 Cups HWC
2 Cups Half & Half (I use Darigold, which only has 1g Carb and 1g Sugar per 2Tbsp)
4 Egg Yolks
5Tbsp Swerve Granulated
1tsp vanilla extract
2tsp glycerine
Mix all ingredients in a blender or with a hand mixer and freeze or churn with ice cream maker. Voila. If you want to add cookie dough or other items to stay suspended throughout, make sure you wait for the ice cream to be partly frozen so they won’t all sink.

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