Meal Planning

Meal planning on keto is helpful in so many ways. It eases the stress, the challenge, and cost to name a few.

Having a meal planning routine is key to this success. For me, Sunday evenings is my scheduled day. I still down with my notebook and computer and plan out the week. As I go through each day and select the recipe/meal I’m going to make, I write down what ingredients I may need on the opposite page under my “Grocery List.” I also write a symbol for which store I need to get the item from since sometimes I have to get it from a specialty store or Costco (opposed to standard grocer). Once I’ve compiled my list, I grab my laptop and order whatever necessary ingredients I don’t have through ClickList or Walmart Grocery ordering. What’s awesome about this is that it allows me to check my fridge and pantry while I’m “shopping” to make sure I’m not buying anything I already have. It also allows me to compare brands and sale prices to make sure I’m getting the best deals.

When I do this, I find that we save immense amounts of money by not buying extra items we didn’t actual need, or just grab off the shelf from perusing. It also helps our extra waste or preventing expired food since everything I order is accounted for.

One big gripe when people start keto is the cost of the food. This helps that issue since you can look for coupons, compare brands, or specifically buy sale items.

Aside from the savings, the headache of not wandering all over the store, forgetting your shopping list, or dealing with kids who want everything on the shelf and throwing a fit when you say no, my favorite part is the time I save I can then allocate to something else  I likely have no desire of doing. Your hour+ shopping trip is now cut to 15 minutes since you’re not wasting time in store going back and forth to ensure you have the best deal. And as a mom, being able to drive to the store (in your pajamas even) and have someone come out and load your car is worth its weight in gold! No more worrying about waking napping kids if they fell asleep on the drive there, or dealing with tired toddlers being drug through a store they don’t want to be at. Avoiding the melt downs when you tell them to put the cereal back on the shelf because you have five boxes at home, or unknowingly becoming an accessory to kleptomania when they conveniently hid a candy bar in the diaper back when you weren’t looking. The benefits are truly endless!

So take my word for it, save your time, money, and energy and make your life a little easier. Set aside 30 minutes and lessen the stress of your week!

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning”

  1. That’s what I need to do, I need to make meal planning a priority. That’s where I fail and I know it. Thanks for being an inspiration!


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