Pork Rind Nachos

If there’s one thing I love it’s queso, on chips, you know… NACHOS! But, options are in short supply for replicating them on keto. There’s a few recipes for some keto chips, but that takes time. Time I don’t always have. So, today I used pork rinds.

I make my own keto queso that’s quick and simple.
Melt 1Tbsp butter with 1Tbsp garlic powder
Add 1/2 cup HWC
Add 1 cup shredded cheddar
Once melted add 1/2 cup salsa
Voila, you have a delicious keto queso sauce!

Take your favorite pork rinds, pour some queso over the top, add your preferred meat- tonight I did steak seasoned with FlavorGod Taco Tuesday & Fiesta Sweet and Tangy. If you have other favorite nacho toppings like olives, jalapenos, or maybe some green onions, throw them on top. Then finish it off with some gucamole and sour cream.

The macros come out to be more of a OMAD (one meal a day) setup, but I was stuffed for hours! Not to mention it gave me all the mouth feels.

I do suggest eating them quickly as the queso will make the pork rinds soggy, so just shovel that shit in quick and you’ll be fine!

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