Date Night

Something that my husband and I have never seemed to have time for these days is a good date night. Our only real source of childcare is family, so aligning schedules to make it happen seems like more hassle than it’s worth at times. I’m sure as our kids get older we will go the whole babysitter route, but even then, it’s hard to pay someone just to go out and pay for dinner and anything else we do.

Regardless… I’ve always heard the saying “never stop dating your spouse.” It has always stuck with me and is something I value and find important. After years of marriage and two kids later, it’s easy to lose your relationship in the midst of daily chaos and living. Making your marriage a priority is paramount for a balanced life and family. If you and your spouse aren’t at a good place, it will affect your entire family dynamic, which will domino into all other aspects of your life. Your marriage is the root of your tree, keep it nourished.

Anyway, tonight was date night. My husband and I went to Outback Steakhouse because we had a gift card from like 3 years ago we hadn’t ever used. Perfect. Keto and steak are the ultimate combination. We were going to start off with their wings, but thankfully my husband double checked first because they are breaded. Well, there goes that idea. We decided to get the grilled shrimp instead. Eight measly shrimp for $13, but at least they were decently flavorful. My husband got a 12oz ribeye with broccoli and salad, and I chose the 6oz sirloin, broccoli, and salad. Saddest part about our meals is that the salad was our favorite part. My steak was the size of 4 bites once cooked. His had no marbleization or flavor for that matter. It was an incredibly disappointing meal for the price tag (especially considering we could have got a package of giant ribeyes from Costco and Sous Vide them for nearly half the cost of our underwhelming meal). So disappointing in fact that we went a couple blocks down the street afterward to Buffalo Wild Wings and got ourselves a giant plate of buffalo wings. It was the best decision we made. They were delicious. My husband and I both said we should have just gone there from the start. Lesson learned.

Moral of the story- date your spouse, but don’t go to a shitty restaurant and waste your money. Go the high-class route and live it up at B-dubbs.

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