Just my Luck

My mom took our oldest overnight yesterday and we picked up our youngest after dinner. Not a big deal because she’s our easy kid. Always happy, sleeps through the night in her own room, chill-baby 9000 as my husband calls her.

For instance, yesterday she didn’t wake up until 10am. She took a nap from 1:30-5, and went to bed at 10 (typically 8, but that’s what time we got home). All I do is lay her in her bed, tell her goodnight, then walk out and shut the door. So simple!

Apparently my luck ran out and someone knew that we were older-kid free, because 5am rolls around and she starts screaming in her bed. Not to mention I stayed up until 2am watching bad TV since I was banking on her sleeping in. I go in, console her from nothing being wrong, and now I lay here in my bed watching her on the monitor have her bouts of fits waiting for her to finally fall back asleep. And I know that once she finally does, I’ll be awake for the day.

Like, what is this shit? Who did I piss off and why me?! Finally a day to sleep in and I get that rug ripped out from under me. This is bull shit. I want a refund. Someone Door Dash me some coffee, I’m gonna need it.

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