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AlternaSweets Sauces

I know I posted about Stevia Sweet being a fantastic keto BBQ sauce, but that was until I got my hands on a bottle of AlternaSweets. Holy. Shit. This blows it out of the water! That’s not to say that Stevia Sweet isn’t still a good keto option, it’s just that it wins silver instead of gold.

AlternaSweets BBQ is fantastic both cooked and right out of the bottle making it extremely universal! We’ve used it for ribs, pulled pork, meatloaf, and it’s been incredible all around. It’s the perfect balance of smoky-sweet that tastes as close to that artificial processed shit on the shelves. I would probably use it even not on keto. It’s thick too! No runny shit there.

The company also makes two amazing ketchups. One regular and one spicy. I use it on eggs, burgers, to dip jicama fries in. Endless possibilities! It’s also thick and delicious. I’m a sucker for anything spicy so that one is my personal favorite. My husband who isn’t a big spicy person even enjoyed it. My kids love it, which is great since we are trying to transition them off processed products.

So if you’re still looking for a good keto friendly bbq and/or ketchup, look no further. This is your solution, and even better, they have a flavor guarantee so it’s a risk-free purchase! The owners are also incredibly awesome so you can feel good about supporting this small business!

Grab yours on Amazon or directly through their website (which is better pricing and still free shipping)!

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