Pumpkin Mug Cake

Because fall is my favorite season ever, I’m trying to ketofy as many favorites as possible. Included in this would be as many pumpkin varieties as well.

Additionally, I LOVE mug cakes. They’re perfect for one so I don’t feel guilty not sharing. I also don’t go back for seconds *typically* so it’s a great way to avoid over-indulging. Lastly, they’re FAST to make so when that sweet tooth sneaks up on you, you have something to go-to.

@ketogalsara on Instagram posted a pumpkin mug cake recipe that I tried the moment I saw it. It was really good, but a big too eggy for my preference. I used her base recipe to then refine and make one to my preference. You can use my cream cheese glaze (1/2oz of cream cheese, 1Tbsp HWC, 5 drops vanilla stevia) to top it, or maybe a dollop of whip cream!

Here is my version, hope you love it!

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